We often go through traumatic experiences which sometimes we are not conscious of. At other times the experiences are so traumatizing that they are lodged in our minds and it seems as if we cannot escape them. They are all we can think about, even when we do not want to. Then they suddenly control our emotions and behaviour. This can occur to a point where it affects your relationships and your daily functioning. When we are faced with such times, we often want to deal with these stressors alone. This is what makes things worse for us sometimes. It is okay to reach out and ask for help. Everyone of us, once in their lives gets overwhelmed. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength. I believe in making use of the people around you and resources you have to overcome certain phases of life. Therapy is there for you to recharge and analyze what has been happening in your life, how you have dealt with such problems, and how to effectively deal with them in the future.

My passion for mental health and living life as a holistic human being is what drives me. My respect and patience with the therapeutic process is what makes therapy fruitful and sustainable for my clients. These are the characteristics that makes the therapeutic journey worth-while for us all. I work on the notion that you are an expert of your own life but at the same time your life is magnified by the people and resources that surround you. Using them is only a sign of strength and determination.


I have special interest in working with people who have experienced trauma in their lives. Most of us experience trauma at some point of our lives. Trauma can be seen as an experience that had a significantly negative impact on a person or a distressing event. The experience affects the emotions, thoughts and behavior in such a way that it disturbs the person’s daily functioning and it affects their ability to cope with stressful situations.

Trauma could be experiences such as death, any event that might have threatened your life, bullying, domestic abuse, sexual assault, the list goes on. Sometimes we would like to believe that wehave adequately dealt with our past traumatic experiences, only to be drowned by the returning memories, flashbacks and nightmares. This can bring extreme anxiety and stress to one’s life. As a result, the effects end up having an impact in most parts of our lives such as work, academics, family, relationships, mental and physical health.

ABOUT MARTHA TLADI - The Psychologist in Cape Town

I am a Counselling Psychologist in Cape Town registered with the HPCSA. My practice is based in N1 City Mews, in Goodwood. I completed my undergraduate degree as well as my honours degree at Rhodes University. I then did my Masters Degree at University of Fort Hare, and my internship at University of the Western Cape.

Together with my interest in working with trauma, I also have an interest in working from an African perspective influenced by cultural and spiritual factors. The aim is to combine western and African approaches in psychology, as often times these models are used separately. This is to attempt to bridge a gap that is formed between African cultures, traditions, religions and mainstream psychology. As individuals we have our own identities. Sometimes our cultures and identities clash. This can create a lot of hurt, stress and broken relationships. Then one needs to start a journey of self-discovery and healing, and shift in life balance. This transition may be challenging to handle and people can suffer from adjustment difficulties.

Our Services

I offer long term therapy, as well as Short Term Solution Based Therapy. My services range from individual (face-to-face) counselling, couples counselling and group interventions. I offer my services for.

Individual adults and students

This is the process of psychological assessment, diagnosis and intervention for clients. I am also affiliated with other professionals who specializes in different categories of the psychology field.

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Relationships speaks to who we are, and everyone has the tools to make any relationship work. What often occurs is that we bring our preconceived ideas, values and standards into our relationships and they sometimes oppose each other.

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Column service content area

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How do I make an appointment?

You can send me an email through my website. Alternatively, you can send me a text message or call using the cellphone number provided on the website. Upon receipt of your message or text, I will contact you to secure the first booking and to answer any questions you might have with regards to the services I provide.

What do I need to bring with to my first session?

You basically do not need to bring anything. Just yourself. In the first session, you will be provided with a form that you will need to complete, together with consent forms. You will fill in your contact information, and also your medical aid details depending on the method of payment you will be using. EFT or Medical Aid.

How do I know when it is time for me to reach out and ask for help

You will always know when there has been a shift in you and you no longer function in the same way. There is no clear answer to this question. Usually when you are debating with the idea of asking for help is an indication that you need to seek help. There is no problem too big or small to reach out. Anything can be dealt with in therapy.

What kind of problem can you help me with?

I provide a wide range of services. These range from problems such as:
– Bereavement,
– relationship problems,
– Trauma,
– Anger,
– Anxiety and Stress,
– Abuse and domestic violence (victim or perpetrator),
– Major Life Changes and adjustment disorders,
– Burnout,
– Work stress,
– Effective time management and higher productivity,
Please note that in cases that need to be referred, such as psychosis or psychotropic medication needs, I can refer you to the relevant person as there is a network of professionals within the mental health profession close to my practice.

Will I need long a short term counselling?

The type of counselling you will need will depend on the problem that brought you to therapy. Some problems can be resolved within a few sessions which is the Short Term Solution-Based Therapy. Here we focus on what the issue is, how have you been dealing with the issue and what new coping mechanisms can we implement in order for you to effectively manage the problem. On the other hand, one can have deeper rooted issues that stems from long history of trauma or stressors. These might require long term therapy as we will take a more explorative route in treatment, after go to effectively managing the problem in the present. However, what the client needs will ultimately depend on the presenting problem and will differ from person to person.

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