martha tladi

Counselling Psychologist in Cape Town

I am a Counselling Psychologist in Cape Town registered with the HPCSA. My practice is based in N1 City Mews, in Goodwood. I completed my undergraduate degree as well as my honours degree at Rhodes University. I then did my Masters Degree at University of Fort Hare, and my internship at University of the Western Cape.

  • BA (Psychology)| Psychology, Legal Theory and Philosophy Majors | Rhodes University.
  • BA Honours (Psychology) | Rhodes University
  • MA (Counselling Psychology) | University of Fort Hare
  • Registered Counselling Psychologist with HPCSA
Martha Tladi

African Perspective

I have found my niche in working from an African centered approach influenced by cultural and spiritual factors. The aim is to combine western and African approaches in psychology, as often times these models are used separately.

. This is to attempt to bridge a gap that is formed between African cultures and traditions and mainstream psychology. This is accomplished by showing an interest in people who have received a traditional/spiritual calling, and who struggle to effectively manage the demands and intraquicy of the spiritual world with mental illness. I accomplish this by giving special attention to cultural rituals and believes and incorporate them in psychology to develop the best effective form of treatment to persons who have a spiritual calling.

Sometimes when one is called to do spiritual work, it can shift the life balance and thus adjustments needs to be made. This transition may be challenging to handle and people can suffer from adjustment difficulties. Some experiences of the merging of the physical world with the spiritual world can at times be traumatic. Especially if one is experiencing it for the first time without being assisted in the journey. This traumatic experience can affect the person’s psyche and mental health. Thus, there needs to be a consideration between the African as well as the Western perspective of Psychology in order to assist the client to effectively manage the new spiritual journey. The adjustment process can at times bring about psychological and emotional distress. Therapy can assist in providing the space for you to express your feelings and thoughts. And make sense of what is happening to you and the lifestyle changes that perhaps need to be made. Thus, I find that sometimes one needs to combine Western and African perspectives of psychology to cater to all South Africans.